mcc am95 switchboards with withdrawable drawers

AM95 1

The MCC "am95" switchboard offers constructive solutions that make it different from most distribution switchboards of the same type.

The "am95" switchboard is designed to meet every customer's need in terms of size, modularity and composition: its versatility not only allows to create any configuration, but also to modify the composition without any limitation, even after its installation.

The standard dimensions of the column are 750x500x2300 cm and a column can have up to 14 "size-1" drawers.

On the same column, the following types of utility services can be placed: fixed, mobile, with inverter, soft-starter, and modular distributors. This solution allows to intervene also when the switchboard is in service, allowing even to convert a fixed unit into a withdrawable one and vice versa.

The modularity also allows - for example in case a 24-hour guaranteed service is required - to have a spare module with the same function, which can replace the one eventually out of service in a few minutes and without turning off the main power supply.


B.T. Switchboard

  • Type MCC drow-out unit
  • In= 1250A
  • Icc=50kA




Rated service voltage 660V
Rated insulation voltage 1000V
Industrial frequency test voltage power circuits 3500V
Industrial frequency test voltage auxiliary circuits 2000V
Voltage impulse peak for insulation test 1,2/50μs 8000V
Nominal Frequency 50-60Hz
Main busbar rated current 900-1250A
CHalf drop busbar rated current 400-700A
Permissible short term current for 1 second for main and drop busbars 50kA
Permitted peak current for main and drop busbars 105kA
Permissible short term current for 1 second for ground 30kA
Permitted peak current for ground 63kA
Draw-out units rated current modules 1/14 250A
Draw-out units rated current modules 2/14 450A
Permissible short term current for 0.2 second for draw-out units 50kA
Permitted peak current for drow-out units 105kA


Compliance with the Law

Italian CEIEN 60439  
International IEC 439-1


Mechanical Characterics

Protection degree with open doors IP20
Maxim protection degree with closed doors IP41
Max ambient temperature 40°C
Max altitude 2000mt s.l.m.
Standard finishes RAL7035b

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